Stay Connected and Take the Challenge

Celebrating and spending time with family during the summer is a way to create lasting memories. While this is an enjoyable time, there is still the task of juggling travel, attending birthday parties, or just wanting to pick up the phone to say “hello” to a friend.

Your heart is in the right place.

You want to stay in the moment and think about what’s coming up.

In a perfect world you want to be on top of managing all of life celebratory moments, but let’s face it…….you could use some help

I get it.

I’ve created a 5-Day Write To Connect Challenge to show you how to connect with important people in your life and maintain your schedule at the same time.

No more forgetting to send a handwritten message to a loved one.

The challenge starts August 8th and all of the details will be sent to your inbox. Click here to join.

I am here to share and help you stay connected to those you admire, love and trust.

I look forward to seeing you in the challenge.

Write on,

Happy Birthday:




If this is the month which you were born – I wish you peace, blessings, and good health. Oh, and let’s not forget the part where you dance as if no one is looking.

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Above: Seniors from City of Portsmouth, NH Community Center

Show Gratitude, Let Thank You Be Your Attitude

Pictured above is our biggest workshop to date. The feeling of being in a room full of wise men and women is a feeling that I won’t be able to express. I am blessed to have the opportunity to share my vision and also have the help of my community supporting me.

We had two workshops on this day and we have a total of 435 cards to date. We can do it and I know it!

A few cards the seniors made at the workshop on 07/28/2016

Purpose: The purpose of this campaign is to remind people that it doesn’t take a long time to say “thank you”.

More often than not, there is no time to sit down and write out a thank you. Well, I’ve created a way for us to take several minutes out of our day to show gratitude to those who support and protect us in our community.

Mission: Spread the message of how expressing gratitude can bring a community together.

Cards are mailed to our local Police Stations, Fire Departments, ER Staff, EMT workers, Mailmen, and community organizations.

Next workshop will be announced soon.

This workshop is complimentary. Bring your smile, positive attitude and heartfelt message for gratitude. All skill levels are welcome.

Thank you to our sponsors, we would not be able to do this without you.

Dondero Elementary School

City of Portsmouth Senior Community Center

If you would like to get involved or sponsor a workshop, please send an email to, subject line: Workshop Inquiry.

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SCORE!!!!! I’ve been featured on


I can’t believe that I had two features roll out two days in a row. It’s quite humbling to have your story featured in the media. This is only the beginning of greatness and I am motivated even more when I am reminded about the great work I am doing.

Take a moment and read with me.


Courtney Daniel knows how to keep up in a fast-paced business world. In fact, she was once a personal assistant to the stars. “Little did I know, the years I spent thinking on my feet, finding creative solutions to problems and developing a knack for pleasing people would endow me with all the skills I’d need for success with my own creative business.”

The attention to detail she brought to client correspondence sparked her interest in developing custom stationery solutions for individuals, small businesses and corporations. She started her company in 2005.

C. Daniel Designs is a full-service project-management company specializing in custom stationery. To learn more about C. Daniel Designs, visit

My Successes

Daniel was named the sole 2016 American Small Business Champions representing New Hampshire. She traveled to Washington, D.C. for a day of small business training with SCORE and Sam’s Club, and received a gift card to purchase business supplies.

Daniel created the winning design for the Seacoast African American Cultural Center’s own pectoral postmark in 2015. She has also participated in business roundtable events with public officials including Senator Kelly Ayotte (NH).

How SCORE Helped

Daniel first met SCORE’s Seacoast chapter when she moved from Atlanta, Georgia to Portsmouth, New Hampshire and wasn’t sure how to move her business to her new state. She attended local workshops and met with mentors Dan Walter and Liz LeSavoy once a month. “Doing so allowed me the time needed to complete my checklist from previous meetings.” If she had a question in between meetings, she could call on Walter and Savoy any time.

“My counselors have been instrumental sounding boards for the numerous ideas I have had as a creator,” Daniel says. “They’re just a phone call or email away and I love the convenience of having Dan and Liz available. They both allowed me to set the pace of how I wanted my business to grow — the ball was always in my court.”

My Mentors