You’ve Been Thinking About Someone

Have you ever heard a song that made you think of someone? Or how about seeing a sequence of numbers that incorporated a birth date of a close friend or family member? Either way, you have your unique approach of recalling events and special moments in your life.

BUT, remembering is the first step and taking action is a whole’nother ball game. Next is how much time do I have to go to the store, purchase a gift, card, bag or box, bow and get all of this in the mail in time for it to reach the desired location.

Ummm, okay….. this sounds good, but you know there isn’t enough hours in a day to add a shopping experience to your list.  Before you know it, the song you heard or the sequence of numbers you saw all becomes a faint memory. And the next time you speak with Aunt Sally, she asks “did you forget about my birthday?”

What do you say??? (silence)

Here’s a tip that has helped me several times when I need to mail out cards. If I am in the vicinity of a post office or any place that sells stamps, I make a stop and buy a book. I use these stamps only for mailing out cards. Easy peasy.

So, the next time you see Aunt Sally she will thank you for sending her a lovely card that arrived on time and you didn’t miss an opportunity to say Happy Birthday!

I would love to hear how you have incorporated this tip and if it has worked for you.

All the best,