Stay Connected and Take the Challenge

Celebrating and spending time with family during the summer is a way to create lasting memories. While this is an enjoyable time, there is still the task of juggling travel, attending birthday parties, or just wanting to pick up the phone to say “hello” to a friend.

Your heart is in the right place.

You want to stay in the moment and think about what’s coming up.

In a perfect world you want to be on top of managing all of life celebratory moments, but let’s face it…….you could use some help

I get it.

I’ve created a 5-Day Write To Connect Challenge to show you how to connect with important people in your life and maintain your schedule at the same time.

No more forgetting to send a handwritten message to a loved one.

The challenge starts August 8th and all of the details will be sent to your inbox. Click here to join.

I am here to share and help you stay connected to those you admire, love and trust.

I look forward to seeing you in the challenge.

Write on,

Happy Birthday:




If this is the month which you were born – I wish you peace, blessings, and good health. Oh, and let’s not forget the part where you dance as if no one is looking.

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Above: Seniors from City of Portsmouth, NH Community Center

Show Gratitude, Let Thank You Be Your Attitude

Pictured above is our biggest workshop to date. The feeling of being in a room full of wise men and women is a feeling that I won’t be able to express. I am blessed to have the opportunity to share my vision and also have the help of my community supporting me.

We had two workshops on this day and we have a total of 435 cards to date. We can do it and I know it!

A few cards the seniors made at the workshop on 07/28/2016

Purpose: The purpose of this campaign is to remind people that it doesn’t take a long time to say “thank you”.

More often than not, there is no time to sit down and write out a thank you. Well, I’ve created a way for us to take several minutes out of our day to show gratitude to those who support and protect us in our community.

Mission: Spread the message of how expressing gratitude can bring a community together.

Cards are mailed to our local Police Stations, Fire Departments, ER Staff, EMT workers, Mailmen, and community organizations.

Next workshop will be announced soon.

This workshop is complimentary. Bring your smile, positive attitude and heartfelt message for gratitude. All skill levels are welcome.

Thank you to our sponsors, we would not be able to do this without you.

Dondero Elementary School

City of Portsmouth Senior Community Center

If you would like to get involved or sponsor a workshop, please send an email to, subject line: Workshop Inquiry.

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SCORE!!!!! I’ve been featured on


I can’t believe that I had two features roll out two days in a row. It’s quite humbling to have your story featured in the media. This is only the beginning of greatness and I am motivated even more when I am reminded about the great work I am doing.

Take a moment and read with me.


Courtney Daniel knows how to keep up in a fast-paced business world. In fact, she was once a personal assistant to the stars. “Little did I know, the years I spent thinking on my feet, finding creative solutions to problems and developing a knack for pleasing people would endow me with all the skills I’d need for success with my own creative business.”

The attention to detail she brought to client correspondence sparked her interest in developing custom stationery solutions for individuals, small businesses and corporations. She started her company in 2005.

C. Daniel Designs is a full-service project-management company specializing in custom stationery. To learn more about C. Daniel Designs, visit

My Successes

Daniel was named the sole 2016 American Small Business Champions representing New Hampshire. She traveled to Washington, D.C. for a day of small business training with SCORE and Sam’s Club, and received a gift card to purchase business supplies.

Daniel created the winning design for the Seacoast African American Cultural Center’s own pectoral postmark in 2015. She has also participated in business roundtable events with public officials including Senator Kelly Ayotte (NH).

How SCORE Helped

Daniel first met SCORE’s Seacoast chapter when she moved from Atlanta, Georgia to Portsmouth, New Hampshire and wasn’t sure how to move her business to her new state. She attended local workshops and met with mentors Dan Walter and Liz LeSavoy once a month. “Doing so allowed me the time needed to complete my checklist from previous meetings.” If she had a question in between meetings, she could call on Walter and Savoy any time.

“My counselors have been instrumental sounding boards for the numerous ideas I have had as a creator,” Daniel says. “They’re just a phone call or email away and I love the convenience of having Dan and Liz available. They both allowed me to set the pace of how I wanted my business to grow — the ball was always in my court.”

My Mentors



My First Feature on Huffington Post: 8 Ways Gratitude Can Improve Your Health


I would like to share with you my very first blog post as an Huffington Post Contributor. This was definitely a milestone for me and I am proud of it. I invite you to read and digest some ways on which expressing gratitude can increase positive emotion in your life.



8 Ways Gratitude Can Improve Your Health

There are many ways in which we express gratitude in our day to day lives: saying a simple ‘thank you’; dropping thank-you notes or handwritten cards to friends, colleagues, or even your boss; thinking about great moments in life; keeping a gratitude journal; praying (if you are religious); and counting your blessings.

Being grateful could also mean appreciating what you receive, whether it is tangible or otherwise. To be truly thankful, one must acknowledge what is good in their life. From these meanings, we can see that what we should be grateful for – the source of goodness in one’s life – lies outside the self. Ultimately, thankfulness can connect you to other people or a higher power and lead to a better life.

Psychological research shows that being grateful makes you happier. You experience more positive emotions, handle adversity more effectively, build stronger relationships, relive positive life experiences, and it can even improve your overall health.


What positive effects can gratitude have on your health?

Both being grateful and showing gratitude can greatly benefit your health due to the long-term power of positive emotion. Some of these positive effects are outlined below.

#1 – Physical health

Grateful individuals typically take better care of themselves, including exercising, eating healthy, and attending regular medical check-ups, which all contribute to a generally healthier lifestyle and individual. If you are more grateful, you will also feel healthier with less aches and pains.

#2 – Psychological health

Expressing gratitude reduces toxic emotions, like envy, resentment, regret, and frustration. You are also less likely to feel negative emotions after an expression of gratitude. This improves your general well-being.

#3 – Better sleep

If you want a better night of sleep, you should keep a gratitude journal. Studies have shown that individuals that write about what they are grateful for during the day for 15 minutes in the evening tend to worry less at night and sleep both sounder and longer. Simply enough, thinking positively before going to bed is likely to make you sleep more peacefully.

#4 – Increased mental strength

One of the most effective ways to both combat and reduce trauma is by being grateful. A study of Vietnam War veterans showed that those that were more grateful experienced a greater level of daily well-being, which may lessen the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder. Being grateful also makes people more resilient. In a survey tracking personal strength, a surge of gratitude was detected after the events of September 11, 2001, which led to community building, an increased sense of belonging, and the ability to better buffer negative stress in the future.

#5 – A healthy heart

A study has shown that experiencing positive emotions, including being grateful, changes heart rate variability. This could help in the treatment of hypertension and reduce risk in patients with congestive heart failure and/or coronary artery disease.

#6 – Better immunity

Being grateful is directly related to being optimistic. A study conducted by the University of Utah, as cited on WebMD, revealed that first-year law students who were stressed yet optimistic had more immune-boosting blood cells in their body. The less grateful students had weaker immunities.

#7 – Decreases stress

It is no surprise that stress can make you sick, especially if you are unable to cope with it. Stress can be linked to both cancer and heart disease. In fact, it could cause up to 90% of your visits to the doctor. However, you can cope with stress and other daily challenges by being grateful and expressing gratitude in your life.

#8 – Better outcomes in compromised health

Again, gratitude is associated with optimism. Due to this, individuals living with AIDS or those that are about to undergo surgery had better health outcomes when they expressed positivity and gratitude towards themselves and others.


Being grateful

So with these benefits in mind, you must be wondering, “How can I be more grateful?” Well, it is simply a state of mind, which is luckily very changeable. You can focus on the benefits you have received outside of yourself and be mindful of what you have, while also thinking positively about your opportunities in life. In this way, you can lead an optimistic life of gratitude.

PRESS RELEASE: Show Gratitude, Let Thank You Be Your Attitude

Show Gratitude, Let Thank You Be Your Attitude(1)






May 1, 2016


Contact:          Courtney Daniel

Telephone:       (857) 574-0098




NEWINGTON, NEW HAMPSHIRE – Local business C. Daniel Designs is kicking off its “Show Gratitude, Let Thank You Be Your Attitude” campaign with a card design party at Michaels at The Crossings in Newington on Sunday, May 1, 2016 from 2:00-4:00pm.

C. Daniel Designs’ new initiative works to bring local community members together to creatively express their gratitude to service members and organizations within the community by coming together and making cards with handwritten messages.

Multiple card design parties will be held in the upcoming months, giving local individuals a chance to meet old and new friends in the Seacoast while also giving back to the community by showing gratitude. C. Daniel Designs hopes to send 1,000 handwritten messages back into the community by this September, promoting individual and group engagement with gratitude throughout the area.

Attendees can expect to leave knowing they have positively affected the Seacoast and have tapped into their inner gratitude.

Michaels in Newington, New Hampshire is sponsoring this event along with more in the future. Be on the look out for more card design parties hosted by C. Daniel Designs in the Seacoast area throughout the summer.

C.Daniel Designs is a custom stationery company located in Rye, New Hampshire, specializing in creative, personalized invitations, thank-you notes, and other stationery materials for individuals and businesses.


If you would like more information, please contact Courtney Daniel at (857) 574-0098 or


David Bobbitt and Courtney Daniel at SCORE Regional Training

After receiving the official email from my SCORE mentor saying “Your Client Is A Champion,” I wanted to scream; I was so excited, honored, and ready to take on the title. Yes, I hold the title of the 2016 American Small Business Champion. The time had come for me to fly to Washington, DC and receive my official crown (and yes, all champions should wear a crown!). The anticipation had been building, and soon the moment that I had been waiting for would be here.

I approached the day of the training with an open mind, certain I would learn a lot and leave with invaluable insight. It was quite an honor and pleasure to receive expert knowledge from SCORE President David Bobbitt and Chief Optimizer Giselle Chapman. It was an amazing experience in itself to be among so many like-minded business owners that also shared a passion for entrepreneurship.

I hope my takeaways can bring value and give you something to think about the next time.

1 – REST TO BE YOUR BEST – Your presenters are experts. They want to share tips with you that can take your business to the next level, so soak it up! Take advantage of this opportunity. You do not get the chance to hear from the SCORE president, sharing his keys to success, just any day. Consider this a once in a lifetime opportunity, so be awake and ready to go.

2 – BE PRESENT, IT’S YOUR MOMENT – Put away everything that could be a distraction to you. Put your phone on vibrate. Let your family members know you are attending this event, and they should not call unless there is an emergency. Take a notebook to jot down key points instead of a laptop. Laptops can take up too much space at the table, and you want to be considerate of others around you. Try to avoid side conversations. Although very tempting, they can take you out of the moment when the presenter is speaking. You may miss the very answer to your question that could make a huge difference in your business.

3 – ENGAGE WITH THE SPEAKER – This is your moment to ask those burning questions you have. Seek clarification; the last thing you want to do is walk away wishing you had asked. If you are not comfortable asking questions in front of a large crowd, find someone at your table to ask the question for you.

4 – BREAK TO MEET NEW PEOPLE – If you haven’t had the time to introduce yourself to other champions, take break time to do so. Work the room! If you are an introvert, use this time to try something new and step out of your comfort zone. If you’re an extrovert, you already know what to do. You never know, making a new friend and gaining a connection could be a lifesaver down the road. It’s all about building relationships.

5 – SEND A NOTE OF GRATITUDE – There is guaranteed value in attending the training (trust me, I know), but now is the time to let your speaker know. Write a meaningful note, taking the time to reflect on what was presented and what you learned from your speaker. This act alone will make you look like a rockstar!

Hopefully what I learned from my experience at the Regional Training and Networking Symposium left you with something to consider during your next business training and networking opportunities. Ultimately, being well-rested and prepared, mentally present, engaging, social, and thankful for your experience will help you get the most out of your training, both during the event and after.

WE WON!!! The 2016 American Small Business Championship. Thank You!


We are proud and honored to announce that C. Daniel Designs has been chosen as an American Small Business Champion by SCORE and Sam’s Club.

The American Small Business Championship ( awarded this title to 103 small businesses, two in every state and the District of Columbia, for their dedication to the success of their businesses. The American Small Business Champions each received a $1,000 Sam’s Club gift card, an all-expense-paid trip to a training event, SCORE mentoring for one year, and promotion throughout the year to showcase each Champion’s story. Each Champion is also eligible for one $25,000 grand prize.

We are honored to have been chosen for this award. When we began our business in 2013, our dream was to provide our clients with creative was communicate their personal and business brand. We hoped to serve the community by providing quality custom designs and exceptional customer service.

The prizes, training, publicity and SCORE mentoring we have been awarded will help us take our business to the next level, and better serve you, our customers. We look forward to attending the training event in Washington, DC and will be sure to check back in and let you know how it goes.

You’ve Been Thinking About Someone

Girl with Balloons

Have you ever heard a song that made you think of someone? Or how about seeing a sequence of numbers that incorporated a birth date of a close friend or family member? Either way, you have your unique approach of recalling events and special moments in your life.

BUT, remembering is the first step and taking action is a whole’nother ball game. Next is how much time do I have to go to the store, purchase a gift, card, bag or box, bow and get all of this in the mail in time for it to reach the desired location.

Ummm, okay….. this sounds good, but you know there isn’t enough hours in a day to add a shopping experience to your list.  Before you know it, the song you heard or the sequence of numbers you saw all becomes a faint memory. And the next time you speak with Aunt Sally, she asks “did you forget about my birthday?”

What do you say??? (silence)

Here’s a tip that has helped me several times when I need to mail out cards. If I am in the vicinity of a post office or any place that sells stamps, I make a stop and buy a book. I use these stamps only for mailing out cards. Easy peasy.

So, the next time you see Aunt Sally she will thank you for sending her a lovely card that arrived on time and you didn’t miss an opportunity to say Happy Birthday!

I would love to hear how you have incorporated this tip and if it has worked for you.

All the best,



Hello! Welcome to my blog.

Here at C. Daniel Designs, we have our fingers on the pulse of all the latest trends and happenings in the world of stationery and design. To prove our commitment to remaining cutting-edge, we regularly post our thoughts and opinions on the industry here on the blog, as well as providing tips and hints for anyone concerned with custom stationery.

We hope you enjoy our posts!

I Love Boys!!

You're Invited with Polka Dot Dog

I love boys! Yes, I do! I have boys. Yes, I do!!

I never knew how hard it was to find a variety of invitations that fit the theme of an all boy birthday party. With each growing year, it’s only so many times I can use the same themed birthday party figurine before they catch on. I get it, boys aren’t loved as much as girls are.

Soooo….that is what lead to me creating For The Love of Boys an all boy invitation line. I wanted something that is special for boys. I wanted to be able to carry out the theme along with their personality. Away with the little yellow and green figures and onward with creativity.

These invitations are guaranteed to make an impression on your guest as they prepare themselves for a totally rocking birthday party.